Best Erotic Books of the century

brie learns art submissionBrie Learns the Art of Submission: Submissive Training Center Paperback

The story of Brianna Bennett and her first steps into the erotic world of submission…

Brie’s life is about to change forever. It all started the day when Sir stepped into her small tobacco shop and rocked her world with the strangest proposal she had ever been offered: to join the Submissive Training Center. The young woman is both curious and afraid of what she will be asked to do and what of her boundaries will be pushed during the training, but the school is famous for giving the best submissive instructions. Brie decides to accept the invitation and over the next six weeks she will learn more about herself than she had learned in her whole life.

Throughout the course, Brie will join formal classes as well as practicums and weekly auctions, facing her deepest fears and more hidden desires. Along the way she will become friends-for-life with her fellow submissives and she will fall in love with many of the Doms of the Center. At the moment of graduation, Brie will have to make an unexpected choice of the Master. Which Dom will ultimately win Brianna’s brave and tormented heart?

Red Phoenix is one of the leaders when it comes to erotic novels. Their portfolio of books is just impressive and we recommend them to all lovers of BDSM and sex stories.


condo with two viewsA Condo with Two Views 


A Condo With Two Views is a book that highlights the different ways that men and women have to see the world of sexuality. Dominants and submissive have also a very different approach to sex and this novel tells the story of a kinky love from two different perspectives: Jack’s and Chloe’s. The first is a loving and protective husband that have an inclination for sharing his willing wife. On the other side is Chloe, smart and extremely beautiful woman that always obeys to her hubby’s orders, no matter how perverse they are.

Each of the two gives us their view of the story. While Chloe is a woman that must totally submit to lesbians, unknown couples, sadists and so on, Jack is a good man in everyday life but with distorted and sometimes perverted sexual habits. Their story will develop to a point in which the readers will fall in love with both personalities and will be let to ask themselves what will happen when Jack pushes Chloe too far into sexy games. Will their love be strong enough to overcome the bound that ties the dominant and the submissive?

Al Daltrey (author) works in the marketing industry as a fulltime job and dedicates his free time to pleasure writing. He is himself into BDSM, he loves kinky sex and to state his own words he “had a fair share of submissive women” throughout his life. The interest for this practices started during his university years and developed as he grew older. He eventually found the perfect partner with whom he now lives a happy relationship and encouraged him to get in to BDSM writing. A condo with two views is his second masterpiece; a novel that he wrote after the great response obtained by his first book “Testing the Submissive”.


feminism pornography erotic bookFeminism and Pornography (Oxford Readings in Feminism)


It is no wonder that feminism and pornography have never been best friends. It is also not a secret that feminists have always battled against pornography, which they considered as disrespectful towards the figure of the woman. In this colourful collection we will find stories that transcend every sexual and mental barrier and expands the parameters of the feminist debate regarding pornography.

Instead of being another feminist book about female rights and freedom, this volume tries to understand what pornography means to those people who consume it and those who fight against it, keeping also into account the ideas of those who work within it in the “hard” industry.

It opens up and define a clear space for diverse points of view to address the complexity of sexual material, and it seeks to forge solidarity among activists and sex workers from every background, social or political or both.

Feminism and Pornography explores a wide range of issues, including how the meaning of pornography has changed historical and political realities; whether or not sex movements can change the working conditions in the sex industry; and how pornography and sexually explicit content in literature, videos, art, and music can actually promote sexual freedom.

Among the great contributors to this manuscript, we appreciate influential writers such as Catherine MacKinnon, Alice Walker, Audre Lorde, and Andrea Dworkin.


complete illustrated kamasutraThe Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra


Everyone is pretty much aware that if there is a book that could be classified as the “top guide” to sex, it is beyond any doubt the holy text of Kama Sutra; written by Vātsyāyana almost 2000 years ago. It is commonly agreed that this book is the most meaningful text ever written on the matter of sexual pleasure; dealing with all the diverse aspects of sexual life and giving a detailed overview of principles and techniques to achieve the highest ecstatic pleasure of body and mind.

In this modern review of Kamasutra, the author Lance Dane sets an illustrated guide of 269 images to better explain all of the 64 sexual positions mentioned in the original book, along with erotic instructions to follow to gain the so-called sexual and spiritual confidence of the inner own. Photographs are gathered from museums and private collections from all over the world, including even some rare pieces from the personal collection of the author.

Combining together all these illustrations of sculptures, paintings, old coins, ancient sex toys, jewelry, clothing and even palm-leaf manuscripts, we obtain as a result a dazzling and very sensual reading experience that will open our minds and teach us how to let the joy of sex embrace our intimate lives.

As a side note, in this review we would like to include also a different version of the Kamasutra book that is adapted to fit the Star War Saga. A funny remake of the book presented in a more cinematographic key.


50 shades grey50 Shades of Grey


The life of Christian Grey follows two separate and very different tracks. In one of these “universes” he is a young, successful, rich and intelligent entrepreneur. On the other side is the shy and reserved Grey; an extremely possessive man whose soul is tormented by unhealed scars, consequence of the many wounds left by his past.

50 Shades of Grey tells the story of this great business man; an individual gifted with a great force of attraction and sex appeal, a man with a penchant for controlling every situation and used to obtain what he most desires. In his heart there are more mysteries than in the Red Room, the place where he enjoys his passions for BDSM. Christian must always be in control. Everything about him, from his look to his behaviours, leave space for one single feeling: danger. He is exactly the kind of man that scares every woman, yet all of them dream to know him in his intimacy.

In the movie 50 Shades of Grey, Christian Grey is Jamie Dornan and we must admit that his performance pictures exactly how is the soul of Christian: enigmatic like the beauty of those who have a lot to forget. First the book and then movie, have taken many women to the obscure dreamland of his sexual passions and fantasies.


judy blume collectionThe Judy Blume Teen Collection


This Box contains a set of five among the most beloved romances by Judy Blume and it may be the perfect present for yourself or for someone you care about. Written in a soft and charming key, these novels are a great way to share travails and victories of growing up in the teenage years. We would also add that it is a great way for parents to have a deeper insight of love in the early age of life, so that it makes it easier to deal with your children’s first flings and give them more accurate advices.

Following is the list of books contained in this box.

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret: Margaret is a twelve years old girl who just moved out of New York and find it hard to fit with her new friends in New Jersey. But when they found a secret club to talk about their most private fantasies, she feels like she is where she belongs.

Deenie: The innocent story of a young lady who dreams to be a cheerleader just to spend more time around her crush: the high school football’s team captain. When diagnosed with scoliosis and forced to wear a body stocking she will have to learn how to deal with diversity and judgment.

Forever: Katherine loves Michael from the bottom of her heart, and even more after he takes her virginity. But when they spend a whole summer separated from each other and she start having feelings for another boy, she starts questioning what is love and where it will take her.

Then Again, Maybe I Won’t: From a guy’s perspective of love, a story about the secret fantasies and pleasures of watching a girl getting undressed for you. A romance that tells about one’s first sexual desires and discovering of the realms of sex in the adolescent age.

Tiger Eyes: After having lost her father in a shooting, Davey is full of rage and she confines herself in a world of loneliness. One day, while walking through a canyon, she meets an older boy that will be able to help her to move forward with her life.