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Erotic and spicy adult games

Adult board games. Looking for some fun within the couple of friends with benefits? Here is just what you are looking for.


SEXXXtions – The Hilarious NEW Adult Party Game that turns TMI into Too Much Fun! 


sexxxtions adult board gamesHave fun while listening to your opponents answering to sexual questions about their intimate life. But do not worry if you are afraid to expose yourself too much when answering to all of these spicy questions. What makes this game so incredibly funny is that each participant can play to their own level of comfort: in fact, every player can choose whether they want to answer honestly or they can make up their stories to make them seem more interesting, outrageous, silly or even extremely naughty!! This hilarious adult board game takes the TMI factor (Too Much Information) to a whole new level of TMF (Too Much Fun).

SEXXXTIONS can be played by up to 8 people in the same match and it is designed to be played by couples, friends of both sexes or friends of the same sex. Great for adult games nights, bachelorette parties, college parties, too!

As the game evolves, you can’t imagine the things people will say and do and how funny this game can become! You can be honest, clever or witty. Any way you will choose to play, will leave your guests laughing all night long and will give them memories that will last forever! Awkward moments have never been so much fun!



Quick And Dirty – An Offensively Fun Party Game


quick dirty offensive funny erotic gameProduced and distributed by the homonymous brand, Quick and Dirty – An Offensively Fu Party Game is a table game that will fill up with fun and laughter your adult night among friends or couples. The game is so easy to learn that it literally takes less than 30 seconds to become a professional player, provided you have enough fantasy to answer its random questions. The game is composed by 42 category cards and 24 letter cards that will give us over one thousand possible combinations.

Rules are extremely simple: flip a “category” card and read it out loud for all the players. Immediately after flip a “letter” card and read the letter written in it. The player that will first give the answer is the winner of the round. When all “category” cards are gone, the winner will be the one who will have given the most answers. This game can be played by as little as 2 persons to up to over 20 people and it rewards quick and dirty minds; so be ready to let your sexual fantasies out.

Try it with your beloved or with your friends and you will be amazed by all the funny and awkward answers that will be given. And obviously…the more the players, the more the fun!



Original Dirty Minds


dirty minds adult board gamesCreated by Balsamo and Shaffer and distributed by TDC Games, Dirty Minds was first release back in 1988 and was originally only sold in adult stores. Over the years, this game has gained a constantly growing popularity and today is one of the funniest sex-games on the market. What has made this product so special is its extensive usage of sexual “double entendres” given as clues to riddles that would otherwise be pretty innocuous. For example, the correct answer for the clue “The more you play with me, the harder I get” is Rubik’s Cube.”

The game itself is not dirty, as its answers are all clean. So what makes it a sex game? Well, only you and your dirtiness of your mind. The dirtier your thoughts, the harder to play.

The game includes 50 game cards, over 900 naughty clues and more than 300 clean answers, a puzzle booklet and a few pencils. The first person to correctly answer to a certain question will be rewarded a card. Each card either displays a letter, lose a card, take two cards, or wild. The card with the letters either have a D, I, R, T, or a Y. The first person to have all five of the lettered cards wins the game.



Mega Popular Fifty Shades Of Grey Party Game And Expansion Pack (Set)


erotic board game 50 shades grey adult board gamesCould a “playable” version of 50 Shades of Grey be missing in this review? Of course not. After the overwhelming books by E. L. James and the sensational movie by Sam Taylor-Johnson, we can finally enjoy the role-playing game variant of 50 Shades in the comfort of our homes.

Produced by Imagination Games, this adult board game will drive every player into their most hidden sexual secrets and ultimately to the discovery of their desires. Designed to entertain and surprise through every hand, 50 Shades of Grey invites the opponents to ask one another those spicy questions about “how do you like sex” that are commonly avoided in any other circumstance, public or private.

To play is extremely simple: listen to the current question and then secretly write which of the other players would be the best match to answer that specific question. When all are ready the answers are revealed for all to see. Any player who have picked the same friend as the reader wins an Inner Goddess token. The winner of the game will be the first player to collect 20 tokens.



Little Genie Bathtub Love Game 


Little Genie Bathtub Love adult board gamesThis is among the favourite adult board games, even though it isn’t played on a board. Kwanjai Shop has discovered the perfect way to make your next bath an unforgettably sexy experience. These guys have invented the Little Genie Bathtub Love Game, a play that will make sure that many naughty couples have some well-deserved fun while having a bath. Born as a foreplay prop, Little Genie Bathtub can quickly transform your “cleaning sessions” into wild nights of quality sex.

How to paly? Dead simple: just fill up the tub, then use the gel included to create some foam before jumping into the hot water with your partner. Drop the 10 plastic balls in the suds and let’s the fun begin. Partners will take turns in opening the round balls and revealing the 4 imprinted vinyl strips that are contained inside, each one describing some naughty sexual actions to perform either to your partner or to yourself in front of the partner.

Rubbing, caressing, stroking and pounding to bring some fun in a good and clean night. This game will turn you on and stimulate your fantasy so once you will be done with the washing you will feel like getting all sweaty and steamy on the bed. It will be just a matter of minutes before you need another bath.



Fantasy Affairs Game – Adult board games


erotic fantasy-affair-adult-board-gamesIt is a common belief that the best way to spice up a marriage is to have an affair. Well, Fantasy Affair Game by Kheper might just be the perfect compromise to live this sort of thrill, without actually cheat on your soulmate.

The game revolves around a heart shaped journey across the board as you and your partner have fun acting out different affair scenarios. If things gets too heated and you feel like moving to a different level, don’t worry: this game in not meant to finish in the same room where you started it.

Fantasy Affair Game leads you and your partner into an affair without ever having to leave your house. In fact, it allows you to dive into the realm of erotic fantasies and hot roleplay in the safety of your own home. Each affair begins by choosing a card from the deck, which can include the old-time classics like the naughty housewife seducing the plumber or a strip club patron who’s eager for a private dance followed by kinky games. Then you will take turns in rolling the die and moving your pawns around the board. Along this fictional sexy journey you will experience creative kisses, naughty lessons, and collect heart tokens that will ultimately lead you to the victory. The winner will be the first to collect five of this tokens! And what is the prize? To live out the best sexual fantasies you’ve ever even imagined.